1. itcars:

    Porsche 918 Spyder

    Images by Paul SKG



  3. enochliew:

    The Architecture of Freddy Mamani 

    There are about 120 such buildings in Bolivia, most of them in the giant slum of El Alto, according to architecture historian Elisabetta Andreoli, who describes the style as ‘neoandino’. “I am a proud of my culture, cheerful and colorful Aymara woman. Then, why my house can not show what I am?” says Rosario Leuca, a local food seller. 

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    Josh Lewis


    "B E A R" Illustration


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  5. gurafiku:

    Japanese Poster: Tower Records x Tadanori Yokoo: Shinjuku Theif. 2008


  6. hyperallergic:

    Luisa Rivera, “Farm” (2014)


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    richard anderson

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    321 - Let’s Jam & Samurai Hip-Hop
    By Pacalin

    $11 each on 03/04 at The Yetee
    Use the coupon code 321BATTLECRY for $2 off if you order both shirts

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    Penny de The Big Band Theory

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