1. type-lover:

    Tereza Smith
    by Lucas Gil-Turner


  2. gamefreaksnz:

    resident evil 3 x rockwell by m7781

    Print for Bottleneck gallery’s upcoming show 8-bit and beyond


  3. type-lover:

    Notes to Myself
    by Luke Choice

    (via typejunkie)


  4. xombiedirge:

    Video Game Pulp Covers by Zachary Knoles

    (via thesecretsonofhendrix)



  6. gurafiku:

    Japanese Poster: Souvenir from Tombosensei. Shun Sasaki. 2014

    (Source: sasakishun)



  8. weandthecolor:

    Elegant Lux Mager – Download the Free Demo Font Version

    “Elegant Lux Mager”. is the name of a font created by two German designers Florian Paizs and Hermann Krauss.

    Check out more information and the download link here.

    Find WATC on:
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  10. supersonicart:

    Peter Adamyan on 1xRUN.

    Almost completely sold out as of writing this are Peter Adamyan’s awesome Trailer Park Jesus & Mary porcelain limited edition plates.  You can get them over on 1xRUN if there are still some left.  The two original paintings by Peter are also available.

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