1. designersof:

    Josh Lewis


    "B E A R" Illustration


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  2. gurafiku:

    Japanese Poster: Tower Records x Tadanori Yokoo: Shinjuku Theif. 2008


  3. hyperallergic:

    Luisa Rivera, “Farm” (2014)


  4. catfromwonder:

    richard anderson

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  6. theyetee:

    321 - Let’s Jam & Samurai Hip-Hop
    By Pacalin

    $11 each on 03/04 at The Yetee
    Use the coupon code 321BATTLECRY for $2 off if you order both shirts

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  7. jaidefinichon:

    Penny de The Big Band Theory

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  8. type-lover:

    Daily Calligraphy
    by Jimmy Holway


  9. loveandasandwich:

    Custom order Maleficent inspired monstroctopus ready to be shipped!
    I like to draw the item being sent on the package for the person receiving it, and also to remind myself at the post office what each package has in it.:D

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